A new way of hanging picture frames that replaces canvas prints: the switch n snap frame

June 20, 2022

The new switch n snap frame is changing the way you hang picture frames. This new particular frame is made out of aluminum with 3 color choices including black, white and silver.

The beauty about this frame is its compatibility and how easy it is to hang photos and art on a wall. Simply insert the fabric image along the perimeter of the switch n snap picture frame and that’s it, you have your image ready to go. Compared to other traditional picture frames, this one can go really big. We’re talking more than 8 feet, that’s massive. Also, you can change the photo and art yourself. Simply buy the image on dekmark, once you receive it, simply insert inside the frame and that’s it.

You can have multiple images for each season and can just switch them out.

Poppy still life
Poppy still life

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