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Every Artist can sell on Dekmark. Register and follow the verification process step by step.

When you sell your ART on Dekmark, we print it, ship it and you get 75% of the total (of your chosen price).

Up to a certain amount earned you do not need a company or anything similar.

To keep our community safe from copyright claims we need to know a little about you.

In your seller dashboard, you can access the Withdrawl tab and ask for a payout on your favorite payment method.

You don't need to be American to sell on Dekmark as an artist, we count worldwide artists on the marketplace.
At this moment we ship only to US customers, but we are planning to expand in Europe soon.

To maintain a certain level of quality, you need to send us some of your art or your portfolio (deviantart, instagram, artstation, etc) so we can review it and approve your account, most of the accounts are approved within 24h.
Once registered you need to send us a mail ( with your mail, username, and your portfolio. To make sure the portfolio is yours, we recommend adding the link to your marketplace on your profile.

We are the online marketplace with the best commission rate given to artists, you get 75% of your chosen art price, this means if you sell your art for 1.000$ you get directly 750$ with nothing more to do than withdraw your earnings. We take care of everything for you.

We invest a lot on marketing, so by selling on Dekmark you are sure being on a marketplace that gets a lot of traffic and visibility, therefore we count also on our artists to help us grow so we can grow altogether, for that we recommend talking about the marketplace, adding your store URL to your Instagram and other social media profiles and talk to your artist's friends about a new way to earn your living.

We recommend you to send at least a wallpaper size and quality (definition) this mean 1080P

You Say We Do !

Being a marketplace made for artists before everything, it is normal you chose with us the evolution of Dekmark.
Bellow, you can contribute to the evolution of Dekmark and vote for the solutions you want to see implemented.
We listen to you, and we move forward all together.

Register Vendor

How easy it is to register on Dekmark and sell your Art?

What do you want to see on the marketplace in the future?

We want you to choose the direction with us.

Withdraw Methods

As a seller, you maybe want to be paid for your commissions with some specific methods, let us know and we will add them.